Jo Wright
18 years experience as a qualified Acupuncturist
Qualified as a nurse in 1981
I teach anatomy and bodywork on the degree course at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York

Telephone: 01912744402

My aim is to help you understand your condition and find your way to a solution. This might even involve referring you to another health professional, or helping you decide what is right for you.

How I can help you
I use Acupuncture to help

  • lessen pain
  • muscle and joint problems
  • the immune system
  • chemotherapy and radiotherapy support
  • digestive problems
  • fertility and hormonal problems
  • stress, anxiety, panic attack and depression - short and long term
  • sleep problems
  • facial cosmetic revitalisation(trained by Virginia Doran

People generally report enjoying a sense of relaxation and well being following a session

Acupuncture treatment may also involve cupping ,moxibustion and /or acupressure massage

N.I.C.E. (National institute for clinical excellence) recommends acupuncture for low back pain, so your GP may be able to fund your treatment