Vanessa Cutter
BSc in Psychology
MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Member - National Council for Hypnotherapy - MNCH (Lic.)
Member - British Psychological Society - BPS

The Cutter Hypnotherapy Consultants
Telephone: 0191 275 3388 or 07711 624 888

Cutting Edge Sport Psychology

We provide therapy for smoking cessation, addictions, stress and anxiety, weight control, nervousness, phobias and many other behavioural issues.

There are many reasons for seeking hypnotherapy and the first step is to come and see us for an informal chat. Our initial consultation is free and lasts about half an hour, giving the client the chance to meet us face to face, ask any questions they may have and establish hypnotherapy as a suitable course of action. We will discuss how the process works and what will be achieved.

Fees are £50 per one hour session. Each individual is different and the number of sessions required will be discussed in more detail during the initial consultation.

Details of our terms and conditions can be found on our website

Cutting Edge Sport Psychology
Use you body, use your mind!

Sport psychology can help with many aspects of sport performance. Sometimes people approach a sport psychologist when they have a particular problem. Others when they just want to make sure they are achieving as much as they possibly can.

Specialist Areas
Arousal Control
Focus / Concentration
Stress Management
Cohesion / Team Building
Staleness / Burnout
Injury Rehabilitation
Exercise Engagement and Adherance