Alison Arrowsmith
RGN, Dip N BSc (Hons)
Registered Hypnotherapist
NLP Practitioner


Tel: 01665 833106 Mobile: 0794 9026374

Start living your life... the way you want to.

I provide coaching for individuals who wish to achieve their goals. Whether one-to-one sessions, couples or groups; sessions can be tailored to suit your aims.

Life coaching is a tool to enable an individual to achieve their best or optimum state of being. The techniques developed can be useful in a person's personal, emotional, and professional life.

The first step is considering what you want from life; improved health, a new perspective... whatever the goal, by focusing on this with support, you can achieve amazing results.

Life coaching allows you to explore your own resources and begin implementing your strengths.


As a therapy, hypnosis is useful for many areas of functioning, both physically and mentally. The function of deep relaxation itself produces benefits such as improved pain threshold, improves sleep, reduces stress and can assist in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate.

Concentration can be improved and the capacity to learn stimulated. The more hypnosis is practiced the easier it becomes and the more efficient the person is able to recall memory and manage behaviours.

Some Life-style issues which may benefit from hypnotherapy are listed below:

Stress, anxiety and panic
Loss and separation
Natural childbirth
Self esteem and motivation
Improved sleep
Pain control
irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
...This list is not exhaustive.

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

For a client presenting for this therapy, there has to be a willingness on behalf of the recipient to want to achieve a goal and to approach it in a positive frame of mind. If the client has been forced to attend sessions and has no ‘buy in’ to the process, then the success may be limited.

On occasions, we all find we ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. It is no admission of failure asking for assistance, infact it is the first step to enlightenment when one can admit their personal mechanisms are just not working. Presenting at an NLP session is a step to knowing one’s self truly. All NLP practitioners have had to experience the process themselves and the analogy is similar to using the oxygen masks when on a flight and the cabin pressure drops. The advice is always to fit your own mask yourself before tending to others!

So, you will be given a warm welcome, an opportunity to really alter your path in life or to tidy up the route a little! Whatever the challenge, you really do have the inner capability to achieve your dreams with NLP.

Coaching and personal development

We provide coaching for both personal and professional development and techniques which can be customised to suit specific requirements.

Life Coaching is a technique which requires tailored tools for each individual - however is based in goal setting and agreed actions. The coach and client work together to develop the individual's resources to reach the peak performance they seek to achieve. Examples are sport, anxiety states, self esteem and phobias to mention just a few.

These are just some of the many aspects of personal and professional life which Thought-Org can provide a service in developing. If there is a particular goal you wish to focus on, please contact us.