Bach flower remedies general information

In the Bach remedy system there are 38 flower essences. All of the flower essences were discovered between 1920-1930 by Dr Edward Bach, a very successful and well-known pathologist, physician and bacteriologist.

The 38 flower essences are all associated with a human emotion. For example, Mimulus is the remedy for a known fear e.g. heights, dark etc. Taking the remedy helps us to change into a positive feeling. Self- confidence, Willingness to accept and take risks.

Dr. Bach developed his system to be simple and easy to use. Dr. Bach believed that every emotion or illness has a function to play and helps us to learn but also grow. Part of the learning experiences comes, when we sit down and think how we are feeling about a particular situation or problem. A situation or a cluster of symptoms (exam nerves, sleeplessness, lack of energy or confidence, whatever) can have many emotional causes and this is something the Bach Practitioners know very well.

The most important think is to make the problem personal and ask ourselves: "I can't sleep and how does it make me feel? " Working with the original 38 Flower Remedies that Dr. Bach developed, we ignore the symptom and instead of that we look at the emotional root of the problem.

Dr Bach believed that healing our emotions has a positive impact and improves other aspects of our life. A well-balanced and healthy emotional life, leads to a balanced personality and will allow the body to find its own natural state of heart.

The Bach flower remedy is a complementary therapy, 100% safe, to be used by people along any other medication or therapy (except pregnant women in the 1st trimester). The remedies have no side effects or placebo effect since they can be used and help even animals with their emotions.

Why Seeing a Bach Flower Practitioner

The Bach flower remedies can help us through difficult times in our lives and help us to develop positive strengths. This is because they work direct and exclusive on an emotional level, balancing any negative emotion. They provide empowerment. This is why they are so popular and perfectly safe to be used for all family. They have been used through the world with total success by medics and complementary health practitioners.

The 38 remedies can be mixed to meet the emotional state of anybody who feels that needs support. Every time they are mixed between 1 to 7 flower essences in a bottle. It is possible to mix almost 293,000,000 different bottles of remedy to suit each person's individual emotional state.

This makes it a very cost effective method to be used, because the therapist will help each person to identify what worries and concerns him at a present time in his life. The therapist provides bespoke treatment to cure the negative emotions. The treatment last between 2 to 3 weeks.

Except the 38 individual remedies, they is one premixed combination, which Dr. Bach calls crisis mix and it is widely known as Rescue Remedy. This is used for emergency when somebody feels traumatised or he requires help after a shock, under stress or pressure.

As a Bach Flower Register Practitioner I work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients.

Being a Bach Flower Practitioner from the Bach Centre's International Register of Practitioners means that I have followed an approved programme of education and assessments to ensure that I am competent to use the remedies in professional practice.



There is not any emotion or a combination of emotions, which cannot be addressed with the Bach Flower Therapy. All people can face times in their lives where whey are concerned about family and friends, they are shy, they have self -doubt, they feel pain without any physical cause, or overwhelm by responsibilities. Sometimes, people can possibly go through panic attacks, resentment, worries, despair, irritability, sadness and despair. Even specific phobias, or vague anxieties, daydreaming, procrastination, impulsivity, agitation. All these above, are only a few examples of emotions that Bach Flower remedies can cure.

Babies & Children

The Bach Flower Remedies is a natural stress and emotional relief, safe for babies and children. The Bach Flower Remedies for babies and children deal with every day fears, daydreaming, self-esteem, worries, sadness, self-acceptance, school issues etc. Babies are unable to communicate their emotions very well and often their behavior reflects their inner frustrations at not being understood. The subtle energies of the flower remedies can be a tremendous help. Babies from early days can benefit from the flower remedies The real benefit of using the Bach Flower Remedies is that children respond quicker than adults. Children do not have many years of unresolved emotional imbalances. Parents can be amazed how the Remedies can bring positive effects into their children routine and behavior. A lot of times, children can suffer if changes are going in the family e.g. going to school, separation of parents, illness or death in a family, moving house, losing friends. Maybe, children can get jealous after the birth of a new sibling. Children can even be shy, unconfident, impatiens or unfriendly with other children. Bach Flower remedies help children to find courage, overcome fears and uncertainty. Their reaction will reflect in the improvement of their behavior after using the Bach Flower Remedies.


Even women can be benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies. Nowadays, women are too busy trying to cope with a busy working environment, even with family demands, physical wellbeing. Women sometimes, can feel vulnerable, negative, tiredness, and tension, unable to cope with everyday tasks. There are times when women feel it is all getting too much particularly when their femininity takes a knock (relationship issues, period periods, menopause, empty nest) Bach Flower Remedies help women to cope with period pains menopause, infertility, pregnancy as well as trials and tribulations. These are periods in a woman's life that can be quite traumatic.


On one hand, men can be faced as domineering and intolerant and on the other hand, they can be feeling pressurized and very inadequate. Issues such us self-confidence, sexuality, job hunting, fatherhood and falling in love, can have an emotional effect for them. Men find it difficult to open up their emotions and they find it difficult to talk. They can end up being over-responsible, stressed and just decide to show a strong and cheerful face. Bach Flower Remedies can help men to find courage, to open up and share their worries and get the balance there are missing in their daily life.

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