Dr.Ashling Doherty
Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
Fully accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy at senior level.
PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology
BSC Hons in Psychology
I have experience in a variety of settings; schools, NHS, charity organisations and private practice.

Telephone: 07871301079

Appointments can be offered from 10am until late Monday to Saturday.

My therapeutic practice prioritises your emotional well being and privacy; in Newcastle I offer:

Psychological therapy to children and adults (throughout the life span) for a wide range of psychological, interpersonal and behavioural difficulties.

Psychological therapy for health conditions including diabetes, heart problems, cancer, behavioural change in reference to health, treatment adherence.

Counselling Psychology
Counselling Psychology aims to create a safe place for you to talk about your distress/difficulties. As a counselling psychologist I ascribe to a number of interventions that will best suit your individual needs:

  • Psychodynamic Counselling explores present difficulties in relation to past experience and aims to make sense of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships.
  • Interpersonal Counselling focuses on relationships with others, both past and present.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT is based on the principle that thoughts can be linked to behaviour and feelings. Although CBT recognises past events it tends to focus on the here and now to enable change.
  • Integrative Therapy involves working with your experience and drawing upon the above established approaches to enable a therapeutic experience that is unique and suits you.

First Appointment
This session is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss the difficulties you are experiencing. At the end of the assessment we can decide on the best treatment plan for you.

Treatment Plan
The treatment plan is unique to you and includes a psychological explanation of the current issue/concern/distress and the possible maintaining factors. A treatment plan also consists of the probable duration we have arranged to work together, the most effective course of therapy and what you can expect from me.

Psychological Therapy
If you feel that therapy is a way forward then future appointments will be arranged. All appointments last one hour and are usually weekly. The duration of therapy depends on the presenting difficulty but average sessions are 6-12 appointments, however some individuals may find/prefer less or more sessions.

Philosophy of the therapeutic relationship
I place great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. I refer to it as the core of Counselling Psychology and have often used the analogy of building a house when describing it. When building a house the 'foundations' have to be strong, without it we can't call upon the tradesmen. I ensure the therapeutic relationship is 'secure' for you to feel comfortable in and then various techniques, models and theory can be called upon.

Individual therapyper hour £50.00
Couple therapyper hour £50.00
Students 9am - 3pm      per hour £45.00

If you feel that I may be the right Counsellor for you or you have any further queries or comments then please feel free to get in touch: Telephone 07871 301079 Email: info@drashlingdoherty.com