Lisa Crowther
Director of Feelgood Physiotherapy
Telephone: 0191 242 8299

Lisa Crowther has over ten years experience in NHS physiotherapy and continues to work as Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Newcastle NHS. Lisa's passion for providing the highest standard of musculoskeletal physiotherapy is evidenced by the completion of many post-graduate courses, including a diploma in injection therapy, and a Masters Degree in manipulative physiotherapy.

All feelgood physiotherapy staff have become experts in their field by maintaining a commitment to NHS physiotherapy services. This means that they are all Chartered Physiotherapists who maintain up-to-date portfolios of evidence to satisfy the strict professional demands of both the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions Council.

All feelgood physiotherapy staff have postgraduate qualifications, most to Masters Degree Level.

A little bit about us
Feelgood physiotherapy staff offer expert skill in assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions which affect joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

At your first visit to the clinic, we will assess, diagnose and begin to treat the cause of your problem. This will involve the physiotherapist asking you some questions, taking a look at the problem and discussing with you a range of treatment options before making a joint decision on the best management of your condition.

Some people achieve a full recovery with advice and exercises only, while others require a course of hands-on physiotherapy treatment. In either case, likely outcomes and timescales will be discussed at the outset.

What conditions do we treat?
Feelgood physiotherapists are qualified to treat all musculoskeletal conditions. These might be a result of an injury (whiplash, sports injury, sprains, strains etc) or an ongoing problem such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, shoulders, hip or knee problems. Some of the therapists have speciality areas such as biomechanics, TMJ dysfunction, occupational health or overuse injuries and you may find it useful to speak with one of the team to ensure that you are seen by the most appropriate professional.

Regardless of your condition, all clients can expect to receive advice and a home exercise plan on how to minimise the duration of their problem and how to prevent problems reoccurring.

What Treatments are available?
With an expert body of clinicians there are a wide variety of treatments available to suit the needs of most conditions. These include manipulation, mobilisation, acupuncture, exercise therapy, injection therapy, biomechanics, electrotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation.

Why Choose Feelgood Physiotherapy?

  • Feelgood Physiotherapy staff offer the highest standards of physiotherapy.
  • All clients will be assessed, offered diagnosis and an array of treatment options at their first appointment.
  • Professional, private and friendly environment.
  • Evening appointments available.
  • Clinic situated in the centre of town with ample parking and easy access by bus or metro.