Mindset Psychotherapy and Counselling Service

To book an appointment please contact
Pat Passmore on 07906910699
Nazia Ahmed on 07813844291

You can also email us at mindsettherapy@yahoo.co.uk

For further information please visit our website at www.mindset-therapy.co.uk

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Mindset Psychotherapy and Counselling Service is a small therapy practice, the aim of which is to offer adults living in the North East an ethical therapeutic service. The therapists working at Mindset have recognised qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling and they are registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

At the heart of our practice is the belief that all individuals regardless of their background or problems should have access to services, which alleviate their mental distress. During the therapeutic process we encourage clients to explore their problems in a safe and impartial environment, which is not always possible with family and friends. Therapy is not just about 'talking'; we develop clear therapeutic goals with our clients and regularly review the effectiveness of the therapy process.

We offer short term and long term therapeutic contracts. So why not contact us today and arrange a free no obligation 30 minute assessment appointment. During the assessment process you will have an opportunity to decide whether you wish to book further appointments.